Core Curriculum for Hospice & Palliative Social Work (PDF)

The Core Curriculum for Palliative and Hospice Social Work, edited by Jennifer J. Halpern, was designed to support the preparation of qualified social workers for the APHSW Certification. It was prepared by experienced palliative and hospice social workers and SWHPN board members who have taken the test and who have demonstrated knowledge and skill in the areas covered. They are among the thought and practice leaders in the field today.

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This CoreCurriculum represents an expansion of the domains identified in the online APHSW exam specification, incorporating in-depth discussions of each domain. Over a dozen contributors provided clinical examples and additional literature from their knowledge and experience of the identified domains of practice. 

  • Chapter 1: Taking the test
  • Chapter 2: Symptom Management
  • Chapter 3: Assessment & Intervention
  • Chapter 4: Advance Care Planning
  • Chapter 5: Hospice
  • Chapter 6: Grief & Bereavement
  • Chapter 7: Growth as a Hospice/Palliative Social Work Professional
  • Chapter 8: Ethics

This 238-page eBook is also designed to be an ongoing resource for general use. The PDF format offers you the ability to search the document, so you will find it to be an easy-to-use reference tool in your office. You may want to use this material to prepare your own educational materials or use it for reference in your own practice.

Each chapter offers dozens of footnotes with resources. You will find 100+ digital resources within these footnotes with websites for additional sources of information, including screening and assessment tools that you may find helpful. There are many others available as well. 

While the publications listed on the resource list in the online testing APHSW-C guide are those used as references for exam items, the APHSW Board cannot approve, endorse, or recommend any education or training programs or products designed or intended to prepare candidates for earning the APHSW-C credential. The APHSW Board cannot have involvement in the development or delivery of such programs or products. 

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Core Curriculum for Palliative and Hospice Social Work
PDF: Core Curriculum for Palliative and Hospice Social Work
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