April 2021 SWHPN Virtual Summit

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Course Details

Keynote / Plenary01:10:00
Honoring Those We Have Lost: A Collaboration for Healing with Palliative Care and Spiritual Care During the COVID-19 Pandemic 01:10:00
Breakout Sessions I
Session 1A: Designing, Implementing and Evaluating Essential Supports for those Suffering in the Pandemic
Session 1B: A Pandemic of Loneliness: Virtually Supporting the Disenfranchised & Bereaved
Session 1C: Facilitating Virtual Bereavement Support Groups during COVID-19 Pandemic
Breakout Sessions II
Session 2A: COVID-19 Family Support Team: Providing Person and Family Centered Care During the Pandemic
Session 2B: Palliative Care Social Work in Times of Crisis
Session 2C: Experiences of Loss and Grief Among Social Workers During COVID-19: A Phenomenological Study
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