HPNA and SWHPN Series: Suicide Risk Assessment with Dr. Brian Mistler

Suicide risk training is more likely to be needed than CPR training, yet many clinicians aren’t adequately trained to assess for suicide risk in their patients, colleagues, or loved ones. Understanding the dynamic nature of suicidal thoughts are critical to providing “mental health first aid” clinicians can provide in a time of increasing isolation and hopelessness.

To that end, SWHPN teamed up with the Hospice and Palliative Nurses Association (HPNA) for a joint series with Brian Mistler, PhD, clinical psychologist and President of ResolutionCare Network. In our first webinar with Dr. Mistler, we discussed how clinicians can better understand suicide risk, methods for assessment, and how to reduce suicide risk for patients and families during times of anxiety and depression. 

The second webinar focuses on suicidal ambivalence as a core element in preventable suicide while contrasting elements of suicidality with medical aid in dying. Dr. Mistler incorporates the empirically based risk/protective factors of The Step Theory model for suicide death risk with advanced investigation of risk analysis over time. Both presentations include an extended Q&A with Dr. Mistler.

The webinar recordings and slides are free and available to all. Please log in as a guest when prompted to access them.

Course Details

Why Suicide Happens: How Clinicians Can Reduce Risk for Patients, Caregivers, Colleagues, and Loved Ones01:30:00
Suicide Ambivalence Over Time – Advanced Risk Analysis and Q&A01:30:00
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